A Comparison Of Dystopia In The Movie 'The Truman Show' Essay

A Comparison Of Dystopia In The Movie 'The Truman Show' Essay

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How does Weir/Ross demonstrate that a world controlled by the media can only be dystopian in nature.
Utopia, as defined by Thomas Moore, is “a community or society possessing highly desirable or perfect qualities”. Peter Weir’s satirical science fiction film, ‘The Truman Show’ focuses on a man, Truman Burbank, whose life is part of a massive television set disguised as a town called Seahaven – orchestrated by executive producer, Christof. His every move is captured by hidden cameras and broadcasted live. However, Truman is unknown to all this unlike in Gary Ross’ adventure movie, ‘The Hunger Games’. In what was once North America, the Capitol of Panem maintains its hold on its 12 districts by forcing a boy and a girl from each district to compete in a nationally televised event called the Hunger Games. The youths must fight to the death until only one winner remains. Both films explore the concept of dystopia in a media controlled society and the true power which hope possesses. Moreover, both texts highlight the way leaders use their positions to manipulate to their advantage. However, both texts exemplify the oppression the characters are confronted with and endorse the way certain individuals challenge unjust authority figures.

Both texts demonstrate the influence that hope has on an oppressed society which accompanies destabilisation of superior powers. Hope in both narratives is expressed as the pinnacle of human nature and an intrinsic part of any society. However, although these traits are recognised by the leaders in both texts, both also understand that hope must be contained in order to ensure that an uprising does not occur. President Snow, in ‘The Hunger Games’, enforces the Hunger Games to instill terror in the cit...

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...believing that his family and friends undoubtedly loved him, only to come to the realisation that everything was instead all a fantasy. Christof’s treatment of Truman was a thirty-year prolonged cruelty and unjustly. Therefore, both Weir and Ross’ fictional worlds explore two different assortments of dystopia and oppression – one, sadistic and the other a lie but both equally cruel.

Peter Weir’s ‘The Truman Show’ and Gary Ross’ ‘The Hunger Games’ both illustrate the concept of a corrupt world controlled by a medial government. In both of Weir’s and Ross’s societies, the protagonists utilise emotions such as hope and fear to manipulate their subordinates into keeping in order. Consequently, this becomes an oppressed society due to the unjust treatments and exercise of power from those who are taking advantage and manipulating the power which their position receives.

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