A Comparision of Somalia and the United States of America Essay example

A Comparision of Somalia and the United States of America Essay example

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At first glance, one would not expect to find any similarities between the countries of Somalia and the United States. Even though the differences outweigh similarities, after deeper examination, Somalia and the United States do share a few similarities. These similarities include British rule, Civil War, and acts of domestic terror. A few differences may be government, climate, and military.
At some point in history, both Somalia and the United States were under British rule. Somalia’s modern history began in the late 19th century. It was during this time that Britain was able to gain control over northern Somalia, by securing treaties with various Somali chiefs. Britain’s main objective; to secure provisions for Somalia’s coaling station, in Aden, to secure local sources of food, and to also ensure safeguard trade links to the east. Somalia remained under British military administration until 1950, when they were declared independent and began their transition towards self-government. Before the American Revolution, and before declaring their independence on July 4, 1997, the American colonies (United States) were also under British rule.
Civil War is another shared similarity between both Somalia and the United States. In 1991, following the overthrow of the dictator, Siad Barre, Somalia descended into anarchy. With no government presence to maintain some type of order, clan-based warlords began competing with each other, thus beginning civil unjust. While northern parts of Somalia, as well as the self-declared “Republic of Somaliland,” have remained somewhat peaceful, internal fighting flares up with little to no warning. Since 1991, it is estimated that 350, 000 to 1,000,000 Somalia’s have died due to the lack...

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