A Compare and Contrast Analysis of Experiences in the Iraq and Vietnam Wars

A Compare and Contrast Analysis of Experiences in the Iraq and Vietnam Wars

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Thousands were killed, and many more were wounded in the Vietnam war, a war that many are to this day still living with the consequences. The Things They Carried, written by William Timothy O'Brien. The story takes place in Vietnam, during the war, sometime in the 1960s. First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, and his unit are in Vietnam serving for the United States. Jimmy, is in love with a college woman named Martha from back home. Martha writes Jimmy many letters about school, rarely mentioning the war. This is the story of group of soldiers in the war, and the things they carry. The men not only carry physical necessities for war, but also the emotional and psychological weight as well. The unit was set with a task of "searching and destroying elaborate tunnel complexes, in the Than Khe area of south of Chu Lai" (O'Brien 100). Nearly seconds after the soldier came out of the tunnel, s U.S. solider, Ted Lavender, was shot and killed while returning to the rest of unit from relieving himself. Jimmy Cross was in a trans-like state while the man was in the tunnel, thinking about Martha. Soldiers describe the event as "boom-down" (O'Brien 102), indicating the way Ted Lavender hit the ground. Jimmy Cross felt horrible about Ted's death thus adding another thing for him to carry, the guilt of losing one of his soldiers.

While all of the soldiers carried things, this story gives an awareness of not only the physical facet of war, but the emotional side equally.

That is to say that both post traumatic stress disorder and physical disabilities are issues that many soldiers have to deal with once they return home from war. Mental affects on veterans can vary person to person. Events l...

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...unteering to serve their country and fight in the Afghanistan war. Even though, a number people are against the war, there are a great deal of citizens that support and appreciate the soldiers that are fighting for America. However, it seems to be that the Iraq/Afghanistan veterans are getting more support of their time served, compared to those that served in Vietnam.

To conclude both the Vietnam and the war against Afghanistan have their similarities.
In both instances, there are people who do not support either war for various reasons. In both Vietnam and Afghanistan, the veterans in general suffer the same ramifications of war. Some are physically injured for life, others may be emotionally and psychologically disturbed. There are many organizations that are set up to help veterans get the necessary help to readjust to a normal civilian lifestyle.

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