A Comparative Study of Regional Planning in Britain and the Netherlands Essay

A Comparative Study of Regional Planning in Britain and the Netherlands Essay

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The first selected article is “A Comparative Study of Regional Planning in Britain and the Netherlands” which is written by Ashok K. Dutt in 1970. While there is not any guiding question asked in the paper, author highlights the importance of the developments in Regional Planning after World War II. He believes that the organic integrations of cities are over, and an era of a more integrated and comprehensive planning has started. Within the development process of comprehensive regional planning, he emphasizes on two country systems (Dutt, 1970).
The rationale of the comparison lies under the need of a more coordinated and comprehensive regional perspective. He defends that UK and the Netherlands are the pioneers of regional planning systems. Thus, author takes these two examples and compares them in order have an inference on developing the regional planning ideal and deduce the principles of it systems (Dutt, 1970).
Dutt (1970) structures the theoretical framework through some definitions, which are relatively new and not well combined with regional planning literature in those years. Firstly, he makes a simple argument on the definitions of region, planning, comprehensive and coordination; and after, he basically compares Netherlands by referencing British Regional Planning system (Dutt, 1970).
The method of the research starts by examining the basic evolution of The Town and Country Planning act of Britain. Dutt (1970) defines the levels of the administrative structures and explains how the subdivisions of planning actors are working together. He states that the British regional planning approach has two scales: “city-regional and national” (p. 323). Author describes the chronology of the planning evolution in three parts: t...

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...n Britain and the Netherlands. Ohio Journal of Science: Volume 70, Issue 6
Janssen-Jansen, L. B., & Woltjer, J. (July 01, 2010). British discretion in Dutch planning: Establishing a comparative perspective for regional planning and local development in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Land Use Policy, 27, 3, 906-916.
Kato, H., Shiroyama, H., & Nakagawa, Y. (February 01, 2014). Public policy structuring incorporating reciprocal expectation analysis. European Journal of Operational Research, 233, 1, 171-183.
Nadin, V., & Stead, D. (January 01, 2008). European Spatial Planning Systems, Social Models and Learning. Disp: Dokumente Und Informationen Zur Schweizerischen Orts, Regional Und Landesplanung, 35-47.
Spaans, M., Wolff H. (2005). Changing Spatial Planning Systems and the Role of the Regional Government Level; Comparing the Netherlands, Flanders and England.

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