A Community Protocol Is A System For Which People Can Engage And Communicate With Other Cultures

A Community Protocol Is A System For Which People Can Engage And Communicate With Other Cultures

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A community protocol is a system for which people can engage and communicate with other
cultures according to their values. This involves understanding the culture and way of life of the
The Indigenous protocol provides understanding and respect to Indigenous views and cultural
diversity. The people of Australia have an obligation to recognise, respect, and protect the exercise
of Indigenous cultures (United Nations 2008).

Indigenous communities are the original inhabitants of their nation. There is a strong respect for the
land, animals, ancestors, and Elders (Aboriginal Services 2009).
You can show respect by listening and understanding the culture. This will build strong
relationships. Listening will build trust and increase your understanding of the job. Working with
rather than “on” invokes a sense of ownership and will increase productivity as well as additional

Before starting and modifying projects, discuss and receive approval. Lack of consultation results in
a lack of respect for the client because it can leave a sense of powerless to affect the decisions being
made. To provide good consultation will increase the relationship between you and your client
because they will appreciate your willingness .
Indigenous communities have a special respect for their land and country. According to Korff (JK)
“The land owns Aboriginal people and every aspect of their lives is connected to it”. This means
that you should acknowledge the land to which your are working with. On way to acknowledged
the land is to consult with the appropriate people in that community.

Remote area will often have difficult terrain and harsh weather due to under developed areas.
Before planning the project, consider a ...

... middle of paper ...


Remote communities need special solutions developed because they may be an underdeveloped
area, social communication may be limited, and there may be extra physical pressures.
In remote areas, you and your work may be closely scrutinised which may be taken the wrong way
(Judith Austin 2010, p. 22). Remote communities may have extra physical pressure that must be
taken into account such as harsh terrain and weather due to underdeveloped areas. Consider a
practical day of the client which may include travelling across the terrain before planning a solution.
An underdeveloped area may not have basic functionality such as plumbing. In this case it would be
unwise to install a shower. Do not assume what you take for granted.

The decisions and recommendations made throughout all projects must clearly uphold the institute
of engineers Australian code of ethics.

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