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A Community of Intentions Essay

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Everyone fits into some sort of community somewhere. Whether it be the town in which one has grown up or a social function that he or she has been a part of, everyone has some type of group which works together for a common purpose. However, what if it were possible to for a person to create his or her own community instead of living in the one in which he or she was born or raised? What if someone had the chance to create an individualized “intentional community?” According to www.ic.org, an intentional community is “a group of people who have chosen to live together with a common purpose, working cooperatively to create a lifestyle that reflects their shared core values” (346). Some may think that purposely creating a community based on such specific ideals is an attempt at creating a utopian society and would shun the idea, knowing that a utopia is almost impossible to create. No single community’s values have the ability to create a utopia; however, having a common purpose and shared core values can help create a cohesive living environment. If an intentional community were to be developed, it should strive to have an acceptance and equality for everyone, a lack of self-centeredness, and an understanding of the unique parts that make it whole.
With the technology of today, an intentional community can actually be an international one, not just a local one, and although the people of this community would not be physically living in a close proximity, they would be united with the common goals of the group. A community can be as much a physical town or group as it can be an ideal by which to live. However, if a community does not have equality, it is not a place where cooperation can be easily fostered. A community...

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...intentional community built on equality, magnanimity, and acceptance is not an unattainable aspiration. Although a utopian community is not something that plausibly could happen, the ideals of a community such as this are an excellent second choice, and the world can be bettered if many people worked to achieve these goals. Being a part of such a community could enable people to better understand and accept everyone, no matter what race, gender, or ethnicity they come from. Additionally, acknowledging the different parts of a global intentional community and their roles in making a whole can also lead to a bigger globalized outreach that would focus on the needs of the many instead of the needs of the few.

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