Essay on A Community Health Problem Using Milio 's Framework For Prevention

Essay on A Community Health Problem Using Milio 's Framework For Prevention

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Nancy Milio proposed that an individual’s health and lifestyle choices are influenced by resources, availability, cost and convenience more than knowledge obtained from education. This thought provides the framework for influencing community habits by developing policies that protect and promote health (Nies & McEwan, 2015-a). In this paper, I will identify and analyze a community health problem using Milio’s framework for prevention, use Healthy People 2020 to find national goals that relate to my diagnosis and develop one long-term goal, three short-term goals, and accompanying interventions.
Heart Disease in Franklin County with Behavioral Risk Factors
To identify a Franklin County health problem, I examined population demographics to get a picture of mortality rates. Cancer and heart disease are the leading causes of death in the community and I chose heart disease since the cancer statistics are further broken down by type (Central Ohio Hospital Council, 2013). Behavioral risk factors for heart disease and most other chronic illnesses are impacted by unhealthy behaviors, including smoking, poor nutrition, excessive alcohol use, and little or no physical activity
An unhealthy diet consists of less than five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, processed starches as opposed to multi-grain carbohydrates and too much sugar and unhealthy fats. Demographics found that 43% of the population ate less than one serving of vegetables per day, but people with higher incomes and education levels consume more vegetables.
Physical Activity
The recommended physical activity guidelines for adults is 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week. Again, the rates of compliance to activity guidelines ar...

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... processes and policies which will enable people to make healthier choices. In this example, to decrease the incidence of heart disease in Franklin County, the nurse develops long and short-term goals to increase the number of people meeting the national guidelines for physical activity, by addressing factors related to cost, time, motivation, and access. To meet these goals, the key to success is identifying sources of funding and volunteers. The public health nurse’s role is to organize volunteers, work with government agencies and collaborate with community organizations to initiate motivational community-involved exercise programs. Using interventions that make it easier fo people to choose health-promoting activities, the community nurse applies Milio’s framework theory to affect the social forces at play and to decrease their effect in the local population.

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