Essay about A Communication Professor At The University Of Illinois

Essay about A Communication Professor At The University Of Illinois

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A communication professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Steve Jones, wrote an article about the first educational technology that sparked the rapid development of online education. In the early 1960s, an engineering professor, Donald L. Bitzer, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) became interested in the literacy of his students after reading an article that revealed 50 percent of students in the U.S. were functionally illiterate. As Bitzer ponder over how to improve the literacy of students, computers were still relatively and advancing, leading Bitzer to wonder if computers could be used for educational purposes. Bitzer decides to gather professors and students that had the software coding experience to write programming languages for educational material and help develop a computer-based educational system for UIUC. This lead to the creation of PLATO, Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations. PLATO connected both users and programmers through a central mainframe and displayed material for classes. The creation of PLATO, as Steve Jones elaborates on with PLATO Notes, threaded discussion board, and Talkomatic, real-time chat application, lead to a rapid development of online communities for education. PLATO had revealed a new method of learning for students in colleges, but PLATO would later transition the idea of online education from being a learning method into being a type of learning institution.
Today, online education has spread worldwide to educational institutions and have been greater appreciated by the students who take online courses, and, with the high usage of technology, more and more people enroll in online courses. Even through online classes have succeeded in expanding ...

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...students financially and is flexible with working students, increasing the amount of people striving for a higher education. Online courses have a significantly smaller cost of attendance than traditional institutions, stripping the fear of debt off students’ minds. Online education is flexible for all of students which help older students who are fully employed or have families and encourages them to proceed in gaining skills from courses. Traditional education has still proven to be vital for some students in developing non-cognitive skills that would help in their line of work. Online education should not be limited or removed, but it should rather me improved and invested in so higher education can be available to those who desire it but cannot attend actual schooling. Education is not about where you go to learn, but about what you learn and how you implement it.

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