Essay about A Common Point Throughout Was Forgiveness

Essay about A Common Point Throughout Was Forgiveness

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Throughout The Bond, many major points were addressed. A common point throughout was forgiveness. All three authors truly believe that in order to start a relationship with their fathers, they needed to forgive them first. For instance, Sampson came to the revelation that it didn’t make sense to hang on to the resentment any longer (253). Many questions used to tear Sampson up on the inside, but he finally realized that the ill feelings prevented him from growing, from allowing himself to feel emotions, and from communicating with is father (253). After forgiving his father, he found that it didn’t make him weak, but it strengthened him and allowed him to heal (253). Rameck also learned forgiveness by interacting with is grandmother. When growing up, Rameck grew up with a stepsister born around the same time. Of the two, Rameck was the one who received the short end of the stick from both his dad and grandmother. Often times his mother told him that they didn’t love him, which he almost started to agree with after visiting many times. Soon, he believed that that side of the family didn’t like him and tended to stay away. Later in life, he was able to better his relationship with both of these people. This shows that after forgiveness is given, either vocally or mentally, a solid, healthy relationship can grow. Another major point in this book is to forge an appropriate relationship. This means that both sides of the relationship must work together in order to make a relationship. It may be awkward at first, but is worth it. Towards the end of the book, the authors provide and idea of going father fishing (253). Rameck grew up not being able to do this with his father, and later found out that that is a common want...

... middle of paper ... instance of learning from your mistakes and changing is when Rameck spent time in jail. Rameck was hanging out with some friends and drinking some beer. One of his friends sold some crack to a man who then proceeded to smoke it where they said not to. This resulted in him getting beat up by Rameck and his friends. During this fight, Rameck pulled out a pocketknife and stabbed the man. This was a mistake, because soon the cops searched the boys and found the bloody knife. This ended up with Rameck in jail on attempted murder (199). While there, Rameck realized this wasn’t the life for him. Fortunately enough, Rameck was able to plea for a shorter sentence. He realized what he had done was a mistake and proceeded to change his ways. All in all, all three authors learned from their previous mistakes and have succeeded in life and have achieved their dreams.

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