A Commercialized Christmas Essay

A Commercialized Christmas Essay

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One can almost cut through the irony of hearing Bing Crosby sing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” on the radio when the temperature is sixty and the first frost of winter is still weeks away. As citizens of the United States in this day and age, people are most likely all too accustomed with this typical rush promoted between important festivities. It’s exclusively about generating maximum revenue for the large corporations as frantic shoppers attempt to assuage their stress through hour upon hour of incessant shopping; arising in our society today, an important question of whether or not this avaricious behavior communicates total loss of understanding as to what the true meaning of the season represents. In my opinion, some of the more important holidays, specifically Christmas as aforementioned, have lost their intended value, becoming nothing more than a commercialized attempt to expand materialism, a direct result of the blackened sentiment of America.
First of all, come the time of year, shopping places the traditional ideas of respecting one another and putting others first on the backburner, the swiping of the credit card the most significant action that can be demonstrated. In a Long-Island Wal-Mart on Black Friday a few years back, one worker was killed by a mob of frenzied shoppers while four others, including a woman eight months into her pregnancy, were injured (“Worker Dies”). I detest the idea that an object of monetary value is worth inflicting bodily harm or even more severe, death, over. A famous scripture verse in the Gospel of Matthew states that “one should love thy neighbor as thyself”, yet, in the twenty-first century, we seem to flood our minds with nothing more than our own selfish agendas...

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