A Colorado Conversation On Guns On Campus Essay

A Colorado Conversation On Guns On Campus Essay

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The "A Colorado Conversation on Guns on Campus” and “Guns on Campus: Overview,” are based on the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) reports; mostly focused on the struggles of dealing with gun violence through legislations and acknowledging the existing boundaries place by the US Supreme Court, which limits policy makers and states from going beyond Federal Laws in term of guns related laws. However, "A Colorado Conversation on Guns on Campus," overview leaned toward July 2012 James Holmes movie theater shooting in Colorado. It pointed to a Colorado Representative Clair Levy’s intent to prohibit concealed weapons in classrooms due to the danger of guns being present in the mist of heated intellectual and explosive exchanges on campus. The overview also highlights a 2012 Denver poll which saw 87% of Coloradans being wanting stringent gun control laws. As for the “Guns on Campus:” overview, it points to “the most deadly being the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech University,” leaned more on the percentages and listing of States that support on campus and States that banned guns on campus. It further indicates that Utah is the only State to name “public colleges and universities as public entities that do not have the authority to ban concealed carry."
Alan Schwarz’s article, “A Bid for Guns on Campuses to Deter Rape” and the “Students Should Have the Right to Carry Guns on College Campuses” articles, have two things in common. First, they are Pro-guns on campus in nature with the core message of self-defense as the reason to allow guns on campus. The article called for the endorsement of public support to allow students defend themselves at all times and places on campus, through the use of fire arms. Secondly, both arti...

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... this," Wilhelm said.
The long list which could not be represented fully of on campuses shootings by students; based on altercations, poor impulse control, emotions, dissatisfaction on administrative decisions and lack of judicious judgements, proved the points raised by the CDC, FBI, Department of Education,
Law enforcement agencies and Administrations of colleges, regarding the dangers of students carrying guns on college campuses. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence reported that alcohol and drugs use by young people, causes lot of risks; including “personal, health, academic, safety, relationships and the risk of alcohol and drug addiction. The council also connect alcohol, drugs and crime. With these indicators in place and proving, guns in the hands of students on campus will be a mayhem and crime rates in colleges in America promptly rise.

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