A Color Of The Crayon Box Essay

A Color Of The Crayon Box Essay

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A Color in the Crayon Box
The narrator begins her journal by appreciative at the greatness of the house and grounds her husband has taken for their summer vacation. She describes it in romantic terms as a sophisticated estate or even a haunted house and wonders how they were able to afford it, and why the house had been empty for so long. Her feeling that there may more to the house leads her into a discussion of her illness as he she is suffering from nervous depression and possibly of her marriage. She complains that her husband John, who is also her doctor, belittles both her illness and her thoughts and concerns in general. She differences his practical, rationalistic manner with her own imaginative, sensitive ways. Her treatment requires that she do almost nothing active, and she is especially forbidden from working and writing. She feels that activity, freedom, and interesting work would help her condition and reveals that she has begun her secret journal in order to release her mind. In an attempt to do so, the narrator begins describing the house. Her description is mostly positive, but disturbing elements in the bedroom walls, and the bars on the windows, keep showing up. She is particularly disturbed by the yellow wallpaper in the bedroom, with its strange, formless pattern, and describes it as sickening.
Soon, her thoughts are interrupted by John’s approach, and she is required to stop writing. As the first few weeks of the summer pass, the narrator becomes good at hiding her journal, and thus hiding her true thoughts from John. She continues to seek company and activity, and she complains again about John’s demeaning, controlling ways. Although she immediately returns to the wallpaper, which begins to seem not only ug...

... middle of paper ...

... She suspects that John and Jennie are aware of her fascination, and she resolves to destroy the paper once and for all, peeling much of it off during the night. The next day she manages to be alone and goes into something of a agitation, cutting and tearing at the paper in order to free the trapped woman, whom she sees struggling from inside the pattern.
By the end, the narrator is hopelessly insane, convinced that there are many sneaking women around and that she herself has come out of the yellow wallpaper that she herself is the trapped woman. The narrator reaches an imposing position in her marriage, with John unconscious and her creative imagination finally free of all limits. Deprived of any significant activity, purpose, and self-definition, the narrator’s mind becomes confused and, predictably, childlike in its fascination with the shadows in the wallpaper.

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