A College Education Is Not Worth The Time and Money Essay

A College Education Is Not Worth The Time and Money Essay

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Many college graduates are finding it hard to get jobs. The biggest issue is the amount of debt Americans are facing due to the college degree they were told they should have. Colleges have been raising the prices on everything from tuition to books. The government is giving out loans to students without even asking where they’re going to school for, or if they’ll even have a plan to pay off the debt in the future. The mentality is that corporations and business won’t hire someone unless they possess a college degree. Gerald Celente, from Trends Research Institute, says “It makes no difference to have a college degree.” (College Conspiracy Scam - youtube) He wants individuals to have minds and to think for themselves. Many believe that with a degree they can have any car and house they desire and commonly known as the American Dream.
High schools build their students up to go to college. They don’t expose the students to any other paths but getting a higher education. There are no high schools anymore that teach their students how to start their own business or invent their own product. They don’t educate their students on how to use the Internet to become more educated with things without going to college. In the 1970’s a college student could afford their college tuition without student loans or getting financial assistance their parents. They were able to pay by working a part time job year round or a job over the summer on their time off. The government destroyed this by providing easy students loans to anyone who applied. There weren’t any credit requirements for taking the loans out. According to a documentary called “Conspiracy Scam” on youtube, tuition for a four-year college costs $29,293. It also states that price went ...

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... quickly discovering that maybe college isn’t the way. The American dream isn’t so dreamy. Student loan debts aren’t worth it when they could be better off without a college degree. The loans are destroying Americans hopes and ruining their lives. The government needs to remove it’s self from this and let the banks take over and compete with each other. It’s the only way to lower the tuition and costs of everything. The college degree is even losing its face value and hyperinflation is right around the corner. It’s time to wake up. College could be a good thing. Our government is too greedy to see it the way it needs to be handled an it is high time that anyone seeking a college degree look at College Degrees to determine if it really is worth the time and money and stop being indentured slaves paying on worthless degrees and a lifetime of paying on student loans.

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