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A Cold Winter Day Essay

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On a cold winter day, a baby girl was born on February 22, 1996. She was born at Bergan-Mercy hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. She arrived precisely at 1:42 p.m. Her parents, John and Connie Eddy smiled as they held the little seven pound and three ounce baby in their arms for the very first time. The little girl measured in at nineteen inches and was trying to find her thumb to suck on. Her mother endured natural child birth with the help of an epidural. The doctors believed the little girl was ready for the world because Connie was induced two weeks prior to her original due date. Her parents decided to name her Elaina Nicole. The liked the name Elaina because they could call her Laini for a nickname.
After being held by her parents for the first time, Elaina was rushed to be checked for standard procedure. Everything checked out fine, until she was handed over to a new doctor fresh out of medical school. The doctor checked her legs to see if her development was on track. However, he said, “I might be wrong but I think your baby has hip dysplasia.” Elaina was checked further and they concluded that she had hip dysplasia in both legs, the right leg being more severe than the left. Her mother was appalled to see her third child have legs that just dangled there with no sense of movement or gravity.
Elaina’s hip dysplasia seemed like a long journey to reach normalcy. They concluded that the hip dysplasia did not have a cause, but could have not fully developed in the womb. The first step they took to fix her hip dysplasia was eleven weeks in a pavlik harness. This consisted of a shoulder strap connecting to a chest strap that held the feet and legs. Connie thought this would be a somewhat quick fix because approximately 90% of infant...

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...s were busy she spent time with her cousin, Denise. Denise had three little boys and Elaina enjoyed playing with her cousins. She spent most of her days playing with her siblings. They would often watch Disney movies. Elaina also loved playing outside in her backyard. She enjoyed watching her siblings play on the monkey bars and swings while she sat in the sandbox. She also loved to mow with her dad while she was strapped in a “kangaroo back holder.” She looked forward to these moments as an infant. As Elaina grew her personality, she turned into a bubbly and quite sassy little girl. Her family often called her, “smiley” because there was never a day Elaina didn’t have a smile on her face. Overall, the first years on this earth for Elaina came with complications that were easily overcame. With the love and care of her family, she developed into a happy little girl.

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