Essay about A Cold And Bitter Night

Essay about A Cold And Bitter Night

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From merciless to warmhearted
On a cold and bitter night, two men by the names of Bill and Henry are scurrying through the freezing winds of Yukon Canada during the Gold rush. They are delivering a coffin who belongs to a man by the name of Lord Alfred. He was taken away by the freezing temperatures. Such is the way of the north, to stop movement and taking away life, but bill and henry continue to forge ahead. As the snow intensifies,the two men know they are being followed by a pack of hungry wolves. The panic starts to take over both of them and they start picking it up. They know they’re going to have to stop, so they set up a camp by a nearby tree and settle down to make a campfire. While Henry is keeping warm by the fire Bill tells him that he thinks that a wolf was among his dogs because he gave out seven fish instead of six for his dogs. The next morning they venture off again. This time the wolves get closer to the sled and follow the two men until they set up camp and repeat this for several times. One morning, Bill counted five dogs instead of six. He then knew that the hungry wolves ate there dog. The next time they set up camp they tied leather and sticks to their dogs to make sure the wolves wouldn’t try to eat them. The next morning they find to realize another one of their wolves was taken by the wolves. They then found the torn pieces of leather a couple meters away from their camp and chewed up pieces of stick that remained. The next day they attempted to go down hill without losing control, but it was too late and they lost control and were knocked off the sled and it went sliding between two trees getting stuck. They tried to get the sled out from between the trees, but they couldn’t with the remaining four do...

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... for survival. It also tells us that nature tries to stop all movement with the cold and how it tries to silence everything in its path.

A couple months later the she wolf was is in a cave giving birth to some pups. As they grew older all of them died, except for one who was always the strongest one in the group. The she wolf always fed him whenever she brought home rations of food. She always left the pup in the cave because he was still too young to be out in the cold, but as he kept getting older his curiosity got the best of him and one day he wandered out of the cave when his mother went out to look for food. He immediately felt the cold against his newly fur coat, but he didn’t seem to mind. He then ventured farther away from the came across a lynx. He was frightened because he knew he was going to lose the battle, but that didn’t stop him from fighting back.

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