Essay on A Closer Look at Aerospace engineers

Essay on A Closer Look at Aerospace engineers

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An aerospace engineer is a planer and builder of things such as planes, missiles, helicopters, weapons, and many things involving aerodynamics. Aerospace engineers are very important in today’s time, because they are key in creating and innovating new flying machines. They have been important in keeping todays transport and trade systems alive and thriving (“Aerospace Engineers Aerospace”). Aerospace engineers also test many different types of aircraft over and over again to make sure they are safe for the public. In addition to having many different task they have to accomplish, aerospace engineers also have many duties they must cover.
To be an aerospace engineer, they must have great mental capability to perform all the tasks required by their job. Aerospace engineers must have knowledge in propulsion, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, flight mechanics, and structural analysis. They also have to take into account cost analysis, reliability studies, maintainability, marketing, and management (“Aerospace Engineers Encyclopedia“62-66). Aerospace engineers can also be managers of the projects, or be a floor manager of a factory. In addition to their main task, they may be required to write technical reports, performance reports, and many other documents (“Aerospace Engineers Aerospace”). Aerospace engineers must have a great knowledge of their work, but they also must know a lot about their work environment and tools they must get use to using.
Aerospace engineers must get used to computer work and desk if they wish to be successful in their field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Aerospace engineers are now spending more of their time in the office working with computers than ever before.” Every ty...

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... to anyone with a love of aircraft and designing them. I would mainly say this because your whole job is brain storming, designing, manufacturing, testing, and managing the production of planes, missiles, and helicopters. Although this isn’t the most important job in today’s society, it still plays a vital role and how we think and travel by air.

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