Essay on A Classroom Of Twenty Plus Students

Essay on A Classroom Of Twenty Plus Students

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“Students are motivated when they believe they are able to succeed at a given task and when they understand and value the outcome of the task” - Paula Wise

Educators have one of the most challenging professions in the world. They are called upon to teach and engage students on a daily basis to not just learn but to understand several different concepts. In a classroom of twenty plus students, there might be a small handful of students that are actually motivated to learning. The bulk of the students show signs of motivation throughout the day, and then another small group proves to be a struggle to even motivate them to write their name and student number on the top of their paper. According to Ormrod (2016), motivation is an internal state that arouses one to spring into action, pushes one in specific directions, and keeps one engaged in certain activities (p. 424). Research supports the claim that children that have interests are engaged, and the children that are engaged typically are better students than their peers who are not engaged (Guthrie & Humenick, 2004, as cited in Brozo & Flynt, 2008 p. 172). It is not a secret that engaged learners tend to do better in the classroom as learners, so it is crucial to determine ways in which educators can engage students of all learning levels to motivate them to want to learn. This paper intends to showcase several of the effective motivational strategies that produce students to want to learn and improve in school since engaged and motivated students are more apt to retain what is being taught to them when their interest level is peaked.
According to a national survey that was conducted regarding the motivation to read, Donahue, Daane, and Yin (2005) reported that a vast ma...

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...udents to make text-to-self connections with texts that the students were reading, was another way that Bennett Woods teachers were checking for engaged learning (p. 230). Keeping the students engaged helped to establish motivation to want to learn more about the current topic. Turner (1995) states that supplying the students with the ability of choice is a key element in motivation (as cited in Brozo & Flynt, 2008 p. 173). Ironically, as students get older and move through grade levels, the ability to make choices outside of school increases, yet within the classroom, there typically isn’t an increase in the ability to make choice (p. 173). When teachers provide their students the option to make choices about the texts they are reading or the ability to provide more input in the classroom, students tend to become motivated to continue to participate and learn.

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