Essay on A Classroom At School Building

Essay on A Classroom At School Building

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When I arrived into this school building, I signed in the front office. Teacher-2 received to show her classroom for observation. While I was walking and since it is Christmas season I noticed many decorations on the walls, roofs and on the bulletin boards. The whole school is looking just like a decorated Christmas tree. I was amazed and tried to look some of the bulletin boards ideas. These bulletin boards dragged my attention and I was almost stuck looking them. I was taken to a classroom where I noticed the teacher is waiting for her students who are in the library. After a while the teacher stood up and walked near to her door to receive her students. I pulled a chair into the corner of the class, to make sure not to distract the students (as I am stranger to these kids). I noticed students who came inside were divided into groups and settled down. Group-A with Independent Reading practice with choice books, Group-B with Teacher-1 on the Rug, Group-C with teacher-2. I observed Teacher-1 using Read aloud strategy and teacher-2 Guide Reading strategy. Teacher-1 started motivating ...

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