Essay about A Civilization Of Expansion, Knowledge And War

Essay about A Civilization Of Expansion, Knowledge And War

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A civilization of expansion, knowledge and war
Ever since time began, Humans have circled the Earth searching for riches, land and to unravel the mysteries of the universe. When Humans see something they desire, they do whatever it takes, by sword, persuasion, or negotiation to achieve it. Moreover every moment of mankind 's existence is spent trying to become stronger than their neighbor and even nature itself. Since its dawning, mankind has always been a war ragging race. Moreover, the smarter this race thinks they get, the more they take for granted of what the beautiful creator has given them. Along with that, every human lives a technology filled life, it is as if the entire race has been disconnected from the natural giving planet around them. Nevertheless, if one mistake stands above all, it is their lack of knowledge of their own history. No matter how many times mankind makes a fatal mistake they never learn from it and within a decade they repeat the process again. Walter Clark 's "the Portable Phonograph" perfectly shows how humans take for granted the beautiful world around them, and displays the result of the wars they wage and the history they forget. The theme of "the Portable Phonograph" is to show the reader that mankind has a tendency to try to conquer the earth, to outsmart nature, and especially forget their own history.
From the very beginning, this short story shows the reader that as long as the earth spins there will always be war amongst humans. Although Walter never specifically mentions a leader nor the armies involved, he merely depicts a scene of the devastating impact that war brings to this planet and how humans never see the devastation of war until after its finished. Walter is using world war 2...

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...r. If humans where to negotiate and compromise as much as they fight each other maybe history would not be forgotten or repeated as much.
Nevertheless, until mankind learns from their mistakes they will continue to inflict pain upon themselves. Likewise, until humans realize that they are not more powerful than nature or smarter than God, they will continue to try to fit everything to their needs. True, as a civilization we can achieve great things, but it is drowned out by all the things people take for granted. Walter begs everyone, that instead of trying to be connected to technology, how about try to be connected to one another. Walters "The Portable Phonograph" is a big pill for the reader to swallow, showing them their barbaric and greedy ways. However, humans can over come this repeating cycle, maybe by simply remembering their own history and mistakes.

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