A Citizen of the World: A Global Citizen Essay

A Citizen of the World: A Global Citizen Essay

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Through the course of this semester we have been learning about the topic ‘global citizenship’. A broad based topic that had no exact definition tied to it. In and out of class we have been asked to read a number of articles and book passages to help us form a definition of what exactly the term global citizenship means to us.
So exactly what is global citizenship? Global citizenship is not simply defined as one thing; it is a large array of various definitions. The basis of it is global citizenship is being a responsible and active member of the global community. To me a global citizen is a citizen of the world.
Though global citizenship is being a citizen of the world, it takes more than just caring about global issues. Global citizenship is being aware, caring, and acting upon global issues. We cannot consider ourselves global citizens if we don’t take responsible action and try to make a difference. To be a global citizen means understanding what global citizenship is, taking action and making a difference, and being able to communicate responsibly. Global citizenship is more than simply just caring about the world and the people around it. We need to be able to understand that one decision affects people all over the world. Aside from understanding we need to be able to communicate and take action against things. To be a global citizen we need to understand the problem and follow by taking action for change, caring just isn’t enough.
A citizen usually refers to a resident of some place; often your identity is tied with a particular place. Usually, one’s identity is tied to a certain city, state, or country and perhaps even relates to the rights in which they have in this area, to make them a citizen. Global suggests someth...

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...enship. Global citizenship is made up of more than one term, more than one action, and more than one definition. Not everyone you ask will have the same answer for the question “what is global citizenship?” but no matter how you define it, it all comes back to the same idea. Global citizenship is the idea that you are part of a global community. You don’t have to travel the world or change the world over night, you just have to care and take a stand. Global citizenship is understanding everything is connected, we are all connected. Global citizenship is more than caring about the world; global citizenship is being a part of the world. To be a global citizen we cannot limit our cares and concerns to just our own nation, we have to make decisions that will benefit the global community as a whole. Global citizenship is citizenship of the world.

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