A Church Of God On Sunday Essay

A Church Of God On Sunday Essay

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I conducted a church site visit to a church by the name of Blessed Family of God on Sunday November 20, 2016. Service was scheduled to start at 1030 am. It did not get underway until approximately 1045 am. My visit to this church is a visit that I will always remember. This church was located next to a used tire shop. So needless to say the outside looked nothing like a church besides a small petite sign taped on the bottom right side of the door. They had a little parking sign that the church had made to show that the parking lot was to the rear of the building. As I walked into the church it was a sight, there was nothing but chairs, and a media box office that they built, but from the picture and symbols all around the building I knew I was in a church of God. I haven’t been in any church for a Sunday service in at least 20 years. I felt out of place. Walking in a was met by three people first a young lady named Mrs. Renea who handed me the church program and then proceeded to give me a hug and told me, “welcome to Blessed Family” I then shook the hand of the Senior Pastor Derrick Montgomery after this I was shown a seat on the right side of the church by another woman, I didn’t get her name. From my understanding members of the church sat on the left. The church was small but even though that was my first visit there, as I looked around this church, it felt very family oriented. The impression that I had made me feel at ease because of the friendliness. When I was seated I began to look around, this is the moment I realized that I have not been through the doors of any church without any excuses for an extensive period of time. This church had two television screens that you could look at, which held the variety of the chapte...

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...ak a lot about the Bible. Rest assure I will learn though. I did not think I would be so eager to learn about the Bible taking this course. My life seems to have taken some turns in a quest for more and a better understanding of the Bible.
The only thing that I have an issues with is the Bible seems as if it is leaving me with more questions faster than I can seek and find answers. This is very discouraging to me like I’m taking three steps backwards for every one baby step I take forward. This course has changed my mind about religion as a whole. I need to know more. Like my Grandmother told us when you thirsty you drink water your body will take in what you need and get rid of what it does not. So I will start going to church for me and my health no matter what is going on around me. I am there for my thirst. Not to judge others that is between them and the Lord.

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