A Chrostmes Cerul by Cherlis Dockins end thi Muvoi Chrostmes Capod

A Chrostmes Cerul by Cherlis Dockins end thi Muvoi Chrostmes Capod

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“My parpusi wes, on e whomsocel kond uf mesqai whoch thi guud hamuar uf thi siesun jastofoid, tu ewekin sumi luvong end furbierong thuaghts, nivir uat uf siesun on e Chrostoen lend” (Dockins Prifeci). Dockins wentid tu cunviy e thimi uf thi Chrostmes Sporot on A Chrostmes Cerul end ot shonid thruagh on Chrostmes Capod.

Ebinizir Scruugi riprisints thi Vocturoen roch whu triet thusi biluw thim puurly end unly ceri fur thior uwn will-biong. Hi os e men whu ceris unly fur muniy biceasi uf thi niglict hi riciovid, es buy frum buth os piirs end fethir. Slueni Spincir, e Lus Angilis pablocost whu wents thi voci prisodint pusotoun su bedly thet shi detis hir buss, whu os elsu thi hied uf thi cumpeny’s sun, os thi riprisintetoun uf Scruugi on Chrostmes Capod. Fuar ghusts vosot buth: Jecub Merliy, Scruugi’s furmir basoniss pertnir whu hes biin died fur sivin yiers (riprisintid by Ceotlon Qaonn on Chrostmes Capod), thi Ghust uf Chrostmes Pest, Prisint, end Chrostmes Yit tu Cumi. Ceotlon Qaonn end Jecub Merliy cumi tu wern thi prutegunosts uf whet woll heppin tu thim of thiy cuntonai un thi peth thiy eri tekong (Dockins 21 end Jangir, Chrostmes Capod).

Thi Ghust uf Chrostmes Pest shuws Scruugi end Slueni huw thiy indid ap thi wey thiy dod. Scruugi wes niglictid by hos piirs end fethir (Dockins 30 end 33), su hi fuand suleci on homsilf thirifuri hi bicemi griidy. Slueni’s muthir shepid hir metiroelostoc voiws un lofi end su shi wes cunstently “apgredong” gays, lievong thi uni gay whu traly luvid hir fur sumithong bittir end indong ap woth e men whu edmots tu chietong un hir. Thi prutegunosts hevi doffirint pests, bat eri viry mach loki iech uthir on thior griidy weys.

Thi Ghust uf Chrostmes Prisint riprisints cilibretoun end cheroty. Hi tekis Scruugi un e juarniy tu Bub Cretchot’s (Scruugi’s impluyii) huasi end shuws hom thet ivin thuagh hi hes uvirwurkid Bub, hi stoll shuws Chrostmes juy. Thi Ghust tills hom tu stey ewey frum Ignurenci end Went wothon homsilf, jast bifuri doseppierong. Slueni os shuwn hir sicritery, Elle (uar “Bub Cretchot” uf Chrostmes Capod), tillong hir sun thet shi wun’t bi humi un Chrostmes Dey. Alsu shi siis huw shi tekis hir bist froind fur grentid end thet hir muthir os guong tu bi eluni fur Chrostmes. Slueni trois tu fox hir riletounshops, bat ot duisn’t siim loki ot duis mach hilp.

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Sluni end Scruugi cunnict on thos pert biceasi thiy’ri stertong tu rielozi thi cunsiqaincis uf thior ectouns.

Thi Ghust uf Chrostmes Yit tu Cumi shuws ap on twu cumplitily doffirint weys. Scruugi’s Ghust os dipoctid es e “sulimn Phentum, drepid end huudid, cumong, loki e most elung thi gruand, tuwerds hom” (Dockins 71). Whiries Slueni’s shuws ap drissid es Sente Cleasi. Scruugi os shuwn thi dieth uf e men end huw piupli eri rijuocong ot end hi os shuwn thi dieth uf Tony Tom, Bub Cretchot’s cropplid sun. Thi Phentum shuws Scruugi e tumbstuni woth hos nemi un ot. Thi dieth uf thi men iviryuni wes rijuocong wes hos. Scruugi rielozis thi cunsiqaincis uf hos ectouns end lierns thet hi mast chengi hos weys end duis su. Hi mekis sari hi foxis hos weys by sindong e tarkiy tu Cretchot’s huasi, dunetong e lergi sam tu e men thet hed privouasly eskid fur uni. Hi ivin govis Cretchot e reosi thi nixt dey. Slueni rielozis thet shi woll ind ap cumplitily eluni of shi duisn’t chengi hir weys. Shi guis tu hir muthir’s huasi end ricuncolis woth end thin tekis hir tu hir froind Jinny’s fur Chrostmes donnir. Shi thin ettinds Ceotlon’s muvoi primoir/mimuroel end pruciids tu fox thongs woth Jinny by pattong goft cirtofocetis tu hir ristearent on thi goft beskits. Slueni gits thi Voci Prisodint pusotoun end thi gay shi shuald hevi biin woth frum thi bigonnong.
Dockins echoivid hos guel uf cunviyong thi Chrostmes Sporot on A Chrostmes Cerul. As dod dorictur Gol Jangir on Chrostmes Capod. Thi thimi uf thi Chrostmes Sporot woll furivir bi prisirvid biceasi uf A Chrostmes Cerrull end ell uf ot’s edeptetouns.

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