A Christian Home And My Family Essay

A Christian Home And My Family Essay

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I grew up in a Christian home and my parents were very good about instilling Christian dogmas and doctrines into my mind from a young age. That being said, I most likely first heard the word theology from them, but I cannot remember the specific instance since I was only a mere child. If I did not in fact hear it from them first, the only other likely option would be that I heard the term while attending church. My parents played the biggest part in exposing me to theology in my house. Most nights when I was younger they would read me stories from the Bible, they would always discuss with my brothers and I what we learned in Sunday school after church and they played a major role in helping me attend extracurricular activities like small groups or vacation Bible schools. I am sure my older brothers shaped me as well, but their influence was not as great as that of my parents. The people that have shaped me at my church are pretty obvious selections such as: my pastor, church elders and leaders, the teachers that taught my Sunday school classes and the friends that attend my church. Since I have gone to church my entire life, I have been constantly exposed to theology and the doctrines and dogmas that go along with it, even though for most of my life I did not even know what these words meant. Luckily for me, I grew up in a community with multitudes of believers so I was able to have friends at school that could help to grow my faith and knowledge of theology. Personally, I do not like reading that much and I have not spent much time reading Christian literature (or many other books for that matter), but the book that has influenced me the most is without a doubt the Bible. Pretty much everything I learned about theology prior to...

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... about the Apostles ' Creed and I am not even sure if I had ever heard of it before this class so I would definitely like to know more about that. One other item that I am very interested in is learning about all the various denominations of our religion. I have attended a non-denominational church for all of my life so I am not too familiar with the denominations and their theologies. This being one of my first classes here at Indiana Wesleyan University, I hope it helps me to see what classes will be like. I want to become acclimated to college papers, tests, homework, etc. and I think this class should be key in doing just that. I guess I also hope to gain an A in this class, but I am sure that is what most of my fellow classmates would hope for. Finally, I hope I can form a few friendships in this class because that is something that I can struggle with sometimes.

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