A Chinese Man and His Dog Essay

A Chinese Man and His Dog Essay

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In the land of Atlanta, Georgia, there was a 20 year old man named Shi Chung. He was from China and he didn’t know English very well. He lived a very complicated life here in America with no job or education. He has been in jail several times for robbing stores, banks, and gas stations for money and food. Shi Chung used all that money to buy useless things like 100 pounds of gum to video games but has no TV to play it on. His parents have given up on him because they say he is a disgrace to their family. He is now homeless with no where to live or anyone to comfort him. He is alone in the big world of Atlanta and has ended up in prison. The judge tried him for 10 counts of armed robbery, even though he robbed all those stores with an empty water gun he found in the dumpster. The jury has found him guilty and has been sentenced to 50 year in prison and 6 months of community service. Now he is stuck in prison for 50 year until Shi Chung meets an unexpected friend. They are going to be together for eternity.
As Shi Chung is released from his prison cell to be brought to the prison yard he encounters a new friend trying to bite the fence surrounding the yard. He looked at the mysterious creature that had dark brown eyes with smooth black fur and its tongue was hanging out. Shi looked at it in amazement as if he was looking at a winning lottery ticket. He knew it was his savior that has came to set him free just like in the TV shows he watched as a kid Prison Break. He wanted to tell his inmates too but, he couldn’t. First of all his inmates were not very nice to other people so they might beat Shi up and second of all he didn’t know english. When he went to tell his inmates they would shrug him off or make a face that say get away f...

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... is the first time Shi has ever spoke English in a complete sentence. Other than that Shi had to run, and he had to run FAST. The Spotlight sent out the same voice but, in the middle of his sentence the bird looking object became an enormous jet hurdling into the flying spotlight. Shi got a good look at the flying spotlight and knew it was a helicopter. Shi just couldn’t move from the fear of the airplane rocketing right at him. Then something terrifying happened. The helicopter moved in the way of the jumbo jet and they collided head on. The heli and the jet both flew towards the restaurant and smash the whole building to smithereens. All Shi could hear were passengers from plane and helicopter screaming help me help me! Shi had two choices he could of make. Shi could either save the passengers or run away and escape from the tragic accident. What will Shi do?

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