Essay on A Child With An Emotional Behavioral Disorder

Essay on A Child With An Emotional Behavioral Disorder

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For many the idea of a child with an emotional behavioral disorder being included into the regular education classroom is not the best placement. As discussed in the opening article of unit 4 by Karen Freiberg, often students with EBD are faced with many challenges at school due to the extent of their behavior and how the teacher in charge deals with the challenges of the student’s behavior. However, Freiberg (2015) points out even students with emotional behavior disorders “are as likely to be the victims of violence or bullying by nondisabled classmates as to be the troublemakers” (p.66). Unit 4 is a set of articles that look deep into the trends and issues relating to the eligibility of Emotional Behavior Disorder.
The article Young Women in Jail Describe Their Educational Lives discusses the factors that lead to young girls dropping out of school and then turning to criminal behavior. According to Nelson and Olcott (2009/2015) many studies have proven a strong connection between non-completion of school and subsequent deviant behavior. The studies revealed that most girls dropped out of school due to the influence of street life and the lack of support they had from home. Mentioned many times in the article was the failure of a strong relationship between the troubled teenage girls and their teachers. According to Nelson and Olcott (2009/2015) “Several young women indicated they sometimes did not ask questions in school classrooms because they feared making the teacher angry” (p.67). So how do we fix this disconnection?
The next article of the unit, Improving the Way We Think about Students with Emotional and/or Behavioral Disorders discusses exactly what it takes to fix the disconnection that so many times occurs w...

... middle of paper ...

...have on the student in the long run. With IDEA students with EBD are now identified and are often included within the inclusive classroom. While this leads to many arguments by general education teachers, as mentioned before it is usually the child with the disability that is bullied. From the readings of these articles, I believe I have learned that each child with a behavior plan should have a specific mentor. Each student should have a fair advantage when discussing manifestation. I was shocked to learn that generally a student’s disability does not have an impact on his placement in regards to manifestations. I like that the articles began with an outcome of what happens when we as teachers do not pay close attention to our students. Dropout rates severely impact one’s behavior. In the future, I hope to use these articles to redeliver to my colleagues.

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