A Child 's Life Is Severely Compromised When Raised By A Single Parent Essay

A Child 's Life Is Severely Compromised When Raised By A Single Parent Essay

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A child 's life is severely compromised when raised by a single parent because of limited resources, reasoning, and the destruction of a "perfect family". We know that the parents ' role is give a provide for a child with a safe, secure, nurturing, loving, and supportive environment, one that allows the offspring to become a happy and healthy youth. This sort of experience allows the youth to develop the knowledge, values, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to become an adult making a productive contribution to self, family, community, and society from their own parents who have different type of background to raise a children.
Single parent compromises both of a child 's and parent 's schedules. Children with a single parent may not be able to do as many activities as who want to do with both parents. For the reason, single parent has to balance schedules as their work life, personal life, and the child 's life and activities to be involved. Therefore, they might not have a large enough income to give a single child to get as many material things in life, which have become more of a social standard than wanting something. Sometime, it doesn’t have time for children, but go out to enjoy their life. It can be hurtful to watch your child enjoy visiting the other parent, especially if you 're the parent that who responsible for the day-to-day tasks. Remember that child shouldn 't feel guilty for wanting to see the other parent, so let them enjoy those visits as best as they can.
Parenting may be hard to give explain for the child to understand why this child has a single parent. It could be a Death or Divorce or Left family? Not many children to understand why this parent left the child for: new partner, don’t have jobs to rais...

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... with the entry of so many more women into the workforce, with the increasing divorce rate, and with the growing number of single-parent households, other family structures have become more common. However, one other could meet someone else who has children from the old marriage to be part of the different type of family.
The single parenting is hard thing to do when it comes down for a child because the child shouldn’t go through a lot of situations which it lead divorce, have a new relationship, or one of the parent die. Child should have both parent help each other to raise a child, instead be alone is rough. A single parent has a lot responsible to take care a child is having to buy foods, buy clothes, show some love, give a place to live in, also, single parent has to work to pay the bills, a vehicle to drive and do whatever it take a parent can do for child.

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