A Child 's Hearing Loss Essay

A Child 's Hearing Loss Essay

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1.The population I decided I wanted to learn more about is children who are deaf.
2. a. It can be very difficult to distinguish the origin of a child’s hearing loss. One reason is if there were difficulties during the pregnancy or birthing process. For instance, if the mother contracted a severe illness like German measles it could influence the baby’s hearing. If the mother takes a certain kinds of medicine including ototoxic drugs, it can transfer into the fetus negatively affecting the baby’s hearing. After birth experiences can disturb the hearing system as well. One way would be if the baby were experiencing Jaundice after being born. Another cause would be if a baby were born with other diseases such as Down syndrome. Deafness can also be passed down through genes. Even if each parent has fully functional ears, the genes being passed down still carry the chance for deafness. As the baby grows into a child the contraction of illness can also result in deafness such as measles or mumps. Lastly, there is a rare chance they may have impaired hearing because a loud noise or a blow to the head. The onset of deafness in children almost always occurs at birth. If not then, mostly likely an illness or accident has affected his or her hearing.
b. There are many leading signs that a child is deaf. If a baby is not mocking the noises they hear could be a great sign. Another symptom is multiple ear infections. Not only recurrent ear infections, but if their unresponsive to sounds of the parents voice. If a child has speech difficulties, delays or if they rarely speak they might experiencing hearing problems. Also, be aware if they are very absentminded to their surrounding because this could be a sign. Lastly, as a child grows older an...

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...then be the main emphasis because without these skills it is a struggle to participate in activities and enjoy leisure resources.
7. Incorporating American Sign Language would be very beneficial to the deaf community. The more children who understand this communication tool, the more people can learn and grow from each other and share their ideas. Another important element, is coping with daily living activities. We are all use to picking up the phone to call Mom, but for some people it’s no that simple. As a child grows older they will want to transition into independence. As a result, it is key to address the daily limitations they might cross. It would also be important to program for their support team. Their family and close friends will more than likely help them communicate in difficult situations and times, so programming for them would benefit both parties.

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