A Child Of A Wealthy Business Owner Essay example

A Child Of A Wealthy Business Owner Essay example

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Alfred Adler held the belief that children who misbehaved were often discouraged and felt insignificant (Adler Graduate School, 2014). The schemas developed during early childhood overtime tend to shape an individuals view of the world and how it works, which is why the parents play an crucial role in ensuring their children are armed with love and the proper coping mechanisms for life challenges. If the parents do not instill morals in their children, they will either withdraw or compete with others due to feelings of insignificance and insecurity. One of the key techniques of Alderian psychotherapy is to gain a greater understanding of the clients past and what events or influences caused the feelings of worthlessness. By gaining a greater understanding of an individual’s past, this will assist the therapist in implementing effective treatment.
Ethan Couch is the child of a wealthy business owner in the small town of Burleson, Texas, which is right outside of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan area (ABC News, 2015). His parents Tonya and Fred divorced when he approximately 10 years old due to claims of physical and mental abuse by his mother. After the divorce, for an unknown period of time, Ethan’s house of residence was in a 5,000 square foot home with his mother, who rarely provided oversight. Although Tonya maintained primary custody, Fred Couch was a stable fixture in his life that constantly bailed him out of trouble versus allowing him to face any consequences for his actions. According to Alderian psychotherapy, Ethan was a troubled child due to Tonya and Fred’s parenting practices.
Ethan’s delinquency began at an early age, however during his adolescence is when the behavior amplified. At the age of 13, Etha...

... middle of paper ...

...ll begin to recognize a pattern between each event that is the trigger which causes Ethan to behave recklessly. Once the root of the problem is identified, the therapist will task Ethan to being to think differently about trigger situations and how he could have reacted differently to his previous issues. For example, a potential trigger on the night of the wreck may be due to experiencing feelings of neglect. Instead of hosting a party at his parents second home, he could have attempted to speak to his parents about these feelings. Furthermore, the therapist would encourage Ethan to write letters to the families of the individuals who he killed and take ownership of his actions. The primary goal of Alderian therapy for Ethan Couch is to break down the unhealthy barriers and thoughts established by his parents and replace them with healthier views of the world.

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