A Child At Home Is Little Too Much If You Asked Her Years Ago Essay

A Child At Home Is Little Too Much If You Asked Her Years Ago Essay

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One was enough, but two? That was a little too much if you asked her years ago. Now it wasn’t enough. Every mother has an unconditional love towards her children no matter the circumstances. It would seem I was just a baby yesterday, but I was out of the house and moved out. The time between me beginning school and starting college a lot of things happened. Especially with me, I was a troubling child. Conflicts, life-changing events, and also happiness were experienced with my time as a child at home. The best and worst of times.
My mother was born in Utica, New York to the two best parents around. A similar story to mine was beginning to unravel with her siblings running wild. The brother, Rick, was a punk rock guy who was “too cool” for his sisters. Long story short, Rick is my timid uncle with two adopted children. Karen must 've been too much because she was the last child in the family. My grandparents almost went insane raising this one. Karen caused my mother grief much like I cause my brother grief. It is a running joke in my family that I’m actually more like Karen than my mother.
Raising two kids wasn’t easy. Years of stress, happiness, and hair pulling later I was gone. Much like I said earlier my mom would kill to have me back, but it is my time to shine and get out into the real world like she did. The love formed couldn’t be broke, but it sure was tested. I’ve never fought more with someone and also been able to say I loved them as much as I do.
From time to time it was certainly my job to mess up the perfect streak of worry free days my mom had. Much like the everyday hard working American, my job was my job and I was damn good at it. So my profession entails everything from smearing things into...

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...who had taught me this.
“You’ll do fine, Devon,” she said. Having those words spoken to me meant a lot. As the words entered my ears, a flashback of all the moments I’d had with my mother.
“I know, you love me and have raised me to the best of your abilities. I will do my best,” I mumbled out.
My mother witnessed my first words and as I departed from home, we exchanged our last. College was the only thing to take me away from home. Eighteen years of love is gone at the blink of an eye. The emptiness in both of our hearts was ready to be filled. Our lives had changed before we knew it. I would always remember the love provided by family, but my mother’s love especially. Persistence prevailed as I began a new chapter in my life. Seeing a little bit of herself in me my mother said something I’d never forget.
“Don’t give up, give your all.” she said, as tears formed.

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