A Change For Female Athletes Essay

A Change For Female Athletes Essay

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Makayla Aiken
Mrs. Mancini
English Language Arts
09 May 2016
A Change for Female Athletes

Change is unavoidable. Everything changes with in time but some changes take a process more like forever, such as a female to have the same opportunities as males. Before 1970, if a women wanted to go to college to have professional degree in most cases she will she be denied from law school or medical school just because of her gender.There were quotes on the number of women weren 't allowed to enter programs such as law and medical school.Women and men thought it was very cruel for it to be that way (The Women 's Right).
Later in 1972 the Congress passed Title IX(9) of the 1972 Education Amendment Act (The Women’s Right). Title IX was a federal law that prevents discrimination supporting both men and female at the education level which is kindergarten through college of the school and to make that possible school(receiver) gets federal funds. This law also gave many opportunities for women that was never an option like in becoming a doctor, lawyer and college athletes.This law also gave the chance for everyone to enjoy as well as take advantage of every educational program in your school mostly referring to athletics. While creating/passing this law some had the belief that all boys and girls should have the chance to accomplish all their dreams of what they with like as a career and should be denied because of something like their gender. Title IX(9)requires equal participation opportunities. It is said in the law that the percentages of female athletes in the athletic program needs to match the percentage of girls in the school or any other government funded organization. If for some reason the percentages don 't add up, it needs ...

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