Essay about A Cat, a Dog and a Snake

Essay about A Cat, a Dog and a Snake

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There was once a trio that loved their lives. They had an incredible existence. Don’t get me wrong, they were no trio of friends, but in fact just a trio of animals living in a lavish house. They couldn’t even stand to look at each other. However, this was going to change all too soon.
The first animal I would like to introduce to you is a cat named Cat. Cat is a gray British Shorthair cat with a sunrise kind of yellow eyes. Next there is a dog named dog. Dog is a Dalmatian with eyes that have the color of the Hudson River. Cat and Dog were having their daily fight right about now. Meow! “How do you like that, I just put the ow in meow”, Dog barked to Cat. "How do you like this?" Cat just scratched Dog on the special spot behind his ear. "Guys, stop it, stop it!" The Snake hissed. Oh, I forgot to introduce the snake, the snake’s name, you guessed it, William. William is a Black Racer snake with cold eyes that have the color of dead night. Well, let’s see how this fight totals up.
This fight between Cat, and Dog was not going to end. Their rivalry was growing immensely ever since they met. They were willing to wreck the whole entire house just to fight one another. The curtains were so torn up that they could have been used as a replacement for sewing material. Well when Dog tried to bite Cat he ended up biting one of the male human's brand new shoes that still had the crunched up balls of paper inside them however, dog didn’t mind though, he did love the taste of the brand new dark, leathery, shoes and the brand new smell either. When Cat and Dog decided to duke the some of the fight on the dark cinnamon cherry colored TV stand, the sixty inch smart, flat screen TV fell over and broke like a ceramic mug breaking into millions...

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...p of the white marble windowsill to see how the humans would react. They weren’t too happy about it at all. They were so furious at the fish because the new couch cost six thousand dollars. Next they gave the fish away to another owner that was more suitable for the fish. The trio of animals was back into the lavish house. Everyone’s was extremely joyful, because the humans got a great new job that paid a fifty percent increase in revenue, the fish was loving its new owner, and the trio of animals not only was a trio of animals any more, but a trio of friends that came to be because they all bonded over getting rid of the fish.
As the years went by the trio's friendship would grow stronger. However, the roller-coaster that was their live was soon coming to a stop. Even as they grew old they still were the best of friends. They were friends even in the bitterly end.

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