A Case Study Of Oliver From The Bbc1 Documentary 7 Up 2000 Essay

A Case Study Of Oliver From The Bbc1 Documentary 7 Up 2000 Essay

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‘Language is considered one of the most important means of initiating, synthesising and reinforcing ways of thinking, feeling and behaviour which functionally related to the social group.’ (Bernstein, 1959). Hence, language plays a crucial role in life and society. This essay focuses on analysing a case study of Oliver from the BBC1 documentary 7 up 2000. The key aspect examined in this article will be the object’s language, including accent and the range of his vocabulary. Subsequently, the influencing factors of his language use will be estimated. In the last section, this essay will concern with the child’s future.

Oliver lived together with his family in West London. His parents were in a stable relationship. His father was a business solicitor who worked at Clifford Chance and his mother was a director of Harrods. In addition, he was accompanied by his Finnish nanny when his parents were not off from work.
His parents chose to send him to an independent school in Chelsea as they were busy. Being the only child of a stable couple, he values family. In his spare time, Oliver enjoyed playing toys such as Scalextric and other models in his playroom since he talked a lot about these toys in the documentary. This child was taking archery lessons as well. (7 up 2000, 2000)

Accent refers to the varieties distinguished from each other by the pronunciation. In this sense, I regard the accent of Oliver mainly as Received Pronunciation accent as the features of his pronunciation fit into the typical feature of RP accent. ‘Received Pronunciation’ or RP is defined as a social accent accepted in the best society which has remained to be the accent of the upper class and upper middle class since nineteenth century. (Hughes and Trudgill, 1...

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...Additionally, he might be interested in some noble sports like archery and willing to devote his time in charities in consideration of not only these belong to the lifestyle of the middle class (Roberts, 2001), but also because he could practice his value of ‘happiness’ and ‘beloved’ more than ‘money’ through these activities too. (7 up 2000, 2000)
To summarise, this essay has justified the impact of the object’s family background as a middle-class family on the child’s accent as Received Pronunciation as well as his mastery of speech comparing another child Courtney in the documentary along with supporting examples. Then, the possible influencing factors such as social class are analysed. Basing on the research, I came to the conclusion that the future of ‘my’ child Oliver’s position in society would be similar to his parents and he could expect a fantastic future.

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