A Case Study of a Student with Special Needs Essay

A Case Study of a Student with Special Needs Essay

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Case Summary
It was observed a 5th grade elementary student, that for privacy we will name him J during this case study. He arrived to the school in the second semester of Fourth grade and he has being diagnose under the umbrella of the Autism spectrum from the previous school documentation. J was served by the Especial Education content Mastery (“as known Especial Ed. Classroom”) in period of times during the day, but he was place in a regular education classroom. He immediately presented behavioral issues due to the transition of a new environment and his learning disabilities. After a couple incidences, the administrator called the ARD committee to meet and review his IEP and place new behavioral strategies to follow. J made it through the year with continue incidences where he spend most of the time in the Content Mastery classroom. At the beginning of the 5th grade year they continue with the strategies that were in place from previous year; those were making a changed, not a constant issue, but once in a while his outburst were severe to the point that he got so angry that he broke a glass door, others where he just run away from the classroom crying and went into a bathrooms or outside to the playground stating that he had problems with his sugar levels; “sometimes it has difficult to identify if the cause of his outburst was cause by the diabetes or the autism” as the teacher aide stated.
In the second semester all teachers work together implementing his behavioral plan more effective and constant and it made a difference that all teachers were in the same page” accordingly to the Especial Ed. Teacher. As the homeroom teacher mention that it was great that the parents were supportive to the strategies that t...

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