Essay on A Case Study in the Effects of Social Class

Essay on A Case Study in the Effects of Social Class

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In this essay the author will discuss the effects of class society, the bio-psycho-social issues and lifespan development, in relation to a 30 year old man described in the scenario (please see Appendix), and in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s [NMC] “Code of Conduct” (2008), to maintain confidentiality his name has been changed to “Danny”.

Danny is overweight and unfit. He continues to gain weight because his energy intake is far greater than his energy output. His low-nutrient diet consists mainly of carbohydrates and fats and he leads a sedentary life, spending a lot of time watching television. He uses the lift to go up and down from his flat on the 8th floor. The only exercise Danny takes is walking to the local club and shops. (Andersen, Crespo et al 1998).

This increased weight gain and lack of fitness puts undue stress on the body, Danny’s cardiovascular system has to work much harder just moving the extra body mass around. His diet may lead to an increase in adipose tissue (fat under the skin) and a decrease in sweat gland density making it much harder for the vascular system to remove waste heat energy. Davies,B., Bull,R.,Roscoe,J.,Roscoe,D.( 2005).

This build up of adipose tissue restricts the flow of heat towards the skin putting a greater strain on the circulatory system as the heart has to work harder to pump blood around the body so the heat energy carried by the blood can be released more rapidly near the skins surface, resulting in heat overloading and increased respiratory functioning. Heat rashes can also develop which may lead to the sweat glands in the folds of the skin becoming infected and blocked. Davies et al.( 2005)

Danny’s weight also puts him at risk of developing a...

... middle of paper ...

...kempt 30-year old, who lives alone on the 8th floor of a council high-rise block of flats. He has never been in permanent employment, although he has had a series of casual jobs. Danny has family living nearby, but he has little contact with them. Danny is overweight due to poor diet and lack of exercise. His hobbies include socializing in the local club and watching TV.

Recently, Danny has begun to feel unwell; he thinks that he may have a high temperature but assumes that it will resolve itself without seeking medical advice.

You have studied:

• The maintenance of oxygen intake in biology
• The cardiovascular system in biology
• Skin and temperature in biology
• Lifespan development in psychology
• Social class in sociology
• Housing, homelessness and labeling and stigma in sociology

How might you apply these concepts to the scenario?

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