Essay on A Case For Obama 's Fifth

Essay on A Case For Obama 's Fifth

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A case for Obama’s “Third” term.
If you are an alien visiting the United States for the first time and all you had to listen to is the Republican debate, you will be correct to conclude that this is one, if not the poorest and most dysfunctional country in the world. The extreme language employed by these candidates makes it seem that the current President has run the country aground. They speak longingly and glowingly of an era when America was the greatest country in the world and everything was great. Until, according to their narrative, an unworthy person, a questionable “American”, an “Arab”, a Moslem, from Kenya or somewhere in the middle-east was elected, then the country has gone to hell in a hand basket.
Less than six months into his administration, a group of disgruntled and disaffected Republican base voters, mainly from the south came together to form the Tea party. They would later spread to most parts of the country and gain following in congress. Their goal was to protest the actions of the new administration and denounce the efforts made to address the biggest depression this country has ever known. They carried signs demeaning the new president, some asking him to go back to Kenya and others asked for their country back.
Even though the president went on to run and win re-election for a second term, the conservative base has not relented in painting him as an “other”, someone who does not know America or what it stands for. In 2011, the current front runner in the Republican race for the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made it his goal to prove that president Obama was not born in this country. He reportedly employed investigators whom he sent to Hawaii to research and produce documentation showing he w...

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...arred from running for a third term. But given the phenomenal work he has done to bring the country back from the brink of economic collapse, we need someone who will continue his legacy. The Republicans certainly will not do that. You can hear almost all of the 17 of them running for the presidency already promising that they would reverse everything Obama has accomplished in his two terms. If they are allowed to do that, it will almost be as certain as the sun will rise tomorrow, that when they do, the country we revert back into economic and diplomatic depression. That’s why it is incumbent on every American and particularly progressives to take our civic duties seriously and mount a serious get-out-the-vote campaign for whoever ends up as the Democratic Party’s nominee for the 2016 presidential election. The stakes are very high and we need to protect our gains.

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