A Case Against the Legalization of Marijuana Essay

A Case Against the Legalization of Marijuana Essay

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The issue of legalizing marijuana has been widely discussed and debated throughout the country. Many people debate whether or not marijuana should be legalized. There are those who feel it should be decriminalized, and there are some people who feel it should remain a controlled substance. Each writer sorts through many valid points. I believe the time has come for us to accept the fact that the use of marijuana is not beneficial; it is harmful to our lives, and negatively impacts society and youth. Therefore, marijuana should not be legalized for either medical or recreational use for the following reasons; it commonly causes minor mental impairments and also changes in behavior, it may cause schizophrenia rare cases, it mainly affects women during pregnancy, it impairs driving, it may have some medical benefits, but it causes more medical problems than benefits.
To begin with looking at research conducted over the past few decades, Colorado and Washington have formerly begun to widespread the legalization of marijuana. Both states declare that marijuana should be decriminalized because it’s not harmful and dangerous to personal health. They mention that the drug generally usage isn’t more harmful as compared to alcohol and tobacco. They again mention that marijuana does not cause mental impairments or damage someone’s brain. They further state that marijuana does not cause medical problems; however, it may bring more medical benefits to the public and the government. They conclude that if marijuana is legalized it will not have a negative impact on the lives of users.
Many adversaries of this issue argue that marijuana should be legalized because it’s nontoxic than alcohol and tobacco. They say that various people have died f...

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