A Career in The Healthcare Services Essay

A Career in The Healthcare Services Essay

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I think that athletic training, and many careers of the sort, are up and coming. There will always be a need for health care workers and they are paid lots of money. Careers I am interested in pursuing as an adult include things somewhere in health care such as sports medicine, athletic training, or a physician. These careers all center on general medicine. I chose the first two because of my love for sports, so if I am not able to play them in the future I still want to play a role in them. Another reason I choose health care is because I enjoy helping people. This is a growing industry because there will always be a need for doctors, physicians, nurses etc. I am already preparing for a career like this in high school because I am signed up to take Health Science courses throughout and also Honors Anatomy as a science. Also for the first two careers I am playing sports which help me to become familiar with the injuries involved in sports and how to treat some of them just from watching. The further education required for the Sports related jobs (will do report from Athletic training point of view) are a 4-year degree from an accredited college, and you usually also need to be certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA).
An Athletic Trainer helps athletes recover from injuries, and they also work to treat and prevent future ones. In professional and collegiate level teams Athletic Trainers work alongside team doctors to aid players. They also help athletes quickly heal from minor things such as sore muscles after competing. Athletic Trainers are employed by schools, colleges, and Universities to help them with their athletic programs. Like I said above, they also work for pro sport teams.
Athletic trainers wit...

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...st to keep athletes in the game and in practice, but sometimes that's just not possible and students and many times their parents get very angry about that.
As you can see math is related to Athletic Training in many ways, and it also seems like a very interesting career that I wish to pursue in the future. If I want to do this I am going to have to continue to get good grades and work hard at everything I do in life if I want to make this a career. I have lots of help and writing this paper and doing the research also helped me to find out more on this job.

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