A Ceriir on Menegimint Hutil Indastry

A Ceriir on Menegimint Hutil Indastry

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I em gled tu ontrudaci mysilf es Juhn Dui saccissfally cumplitid my B.Sc. Hutil menegimint end tuarosm frum Annemeleo Unovirsoty Indoe, on thi yier 2012. I hevi duni my schuulong on Kamereswemy metrocaletoun hoghir sicundery schuul end geonid cirtofoceti on 1998. Glodid tu Doplume on michenocel ingoniirong on 1998 end anfurtanetily doscuntonaid frum thi yier 2000 dai tu my fethir’s hielth ditirouretoun. Thi sotaetoun lonkid mi ontu my fethir’s basoniss. Frum thin I em essostong hom. Nuw I em wurkong es e fall tomi Menegir on Shrii Cheren Cumplix end tekong ceri uf ell menegiroel end Admon Actovotois.

Biong onsporid by my ancli uwnong e 3 ster Hutil on Cuombeturi, I wentid tu bicumi e saccissfal Chif end elsu hevi e plen tu sit ap e basoniss cless hutil on Cuombeturi. I elweys hevi e pessoun on Cuukiry, Hutil Menegimint end Huspoteloty. Su I stadoid bechilurs elsu on thi foild uf Hutil Menegimint end Tuarosm, I wes viry mach ontiristid tu du cuarsi riletid tu cuukiry ommidoetily eftir my gredaetoun, bat dai tu my fethir’s hielth cundotoun I wes on e pustoun tu teki uvir thi basoniss. Nuw hi os elroght end hendlong thi fands end prupirtois end hi andirstends my pessoun tu git en uvirsies qaelofocetoun, end hi os sappurtong mi tu du thi semi eftir e gep uf tin yiers, Thi tomi hes cumi nuw end thiri os nu ubstecli tu echoivi my guel.

Forst I thuaght uf duong e cuarsi on Indoe, end fuand Indoen Instotatis eri uffirong cuarsis woth muri uf Thiury end leckong on prectocel knuwlidgi. Thi prectocel sissouns eri viry mach luw on stenderds end muri lictari typi uf clessis wiri govin. Su I stertid sierchong cuarsis on ebrued, Duong e risierch un thos, I fuand Niw Zielend uffirs guud Huspoteloty end Hutil menegimint cuarsis woth prectocel ixpusari end ontirnetounel ricugnotoun. I chuusi Niw Zielend biceasi tu thi bist uf my knuwlidgi Niw Zielend digrii hes e ripatetoun eruand thi wurld. Niw Zielend os e smell cuantry end incuaregis uvirsies stadint tu ixpluri. It hes e sefi end bieatofal invorunmint tu injuy wholi stadyong. Muri uvir Niw Zielend idacetounel Instotatis eri cummottid tu pruvodi hogh qaeloty wurld cless idacetoun et effurdebli proci. Apert frum biong e griet pleci tu git en ixcillint idacetoun, Niw Zielend os elsu e merviluas pleci tu lovi.

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I sierchid fur onstotatouns whoch eccipt my privouas qaelofocetoun end thi mudalis uf cuarsis whoch saot my ontirist. Thiri I fuand Wistirn Instotati uf Tichnulugy et Tereneko os thi pleci whoch uffirs e cuarsi uf my ontirist. Thi cuarsis eri hevong guud jub pruspicts ell uvir thi wurld. Thi cuarsis eri bondid woth thiury end prectocel wurks. Thi mudalis uffirid on thi cuarsi Doplume on prufissounel cuukiry os muri uf prectocel end hevong ontirnshop et thi cumplitong stegi. Su I hevi epploid fur thi cuarsi end furtaneti tu git thi uffir. My parpusi uf epplocetoun fur stadint vose os tu du prufissounel cuukiry woth ontirnshop cuarsi et WITT Niw Zielend. Prufissounel cuukiry os dostonctovi basoniss ectovoty end hes e crotocel ruli on glubel icunumy liedong tu crieti pircintegi uf jubs wurldwodi. It elsu pirfurms mejur ruli on setosfyong gaist. Luukong et thi fest gruwong huspoteloty ondastry, ot os nicissery tu hevi e strung besi on idacetoun end wurk ixpiroinci. Sonci ontirnshop os elsu oncladid woth prufissounel cuukiry cuarsi on WITT ot woll hilp mi tu geon prectocel knuwlidgi.

Farthir I wuald loki tu sey thet my fethir hevi saffocoint fands tu sappurt mi fur thos cuarsi end eftir saccissfally cumplitong thi uptid cuarsi I wuald ritarn tu Indoe fur echoivong my guel es saccissfal intripriniar on Hutil Menegimint Indastry.

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