A Career in Farming Essay

A Career in Farming Essay

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Every time a person goes to the store and buys some food that food was grown by a farmer or contain ingredients from the farmer’s crops. A farmer is a good job because the work they do helps to provide the world with food. Without farmers many people would go hungry not knowing how to grow their own food. Without farmers many other products other than food would be gone. Farmers work hard long days and often go unnoticed; however, without them life would be much different.
Farming has been an occupation since 8,500 B.C. On that year in the Fertile Crescent farming first began when people grew plants instead of picking them in the wild. Then nearly 5,000 years later oxen, horses, pigs, and dogs were domesticated. During the middle ages, the nobles divide their land into three fields. The reasoning for this was to plant two and leave one to recover. This was the start of crop rotation which is a big part of farming today. Burning down forest and then moving to another area is a farming technique used by the Mayans called Slash and burn. Mayan farmers also were able to drain swampy areas to farm them buy building canals. In 1701 Jethro Tull invented the seed drill and a horse drawn how that tilled the land. In Denmark they would plant turnips in the previously unplanted field. The turnips help restore the nutrients in the ground thus crop rotation is born. In England people began moving there fields closer to each other for a more efficient way of planting. Later in the 18th century selective breeding was introduce which made bigger, stronger, and more milk producing livestock. In the mid 1800’s a steam plough was invented. By the 1950 tractors, milking machines, and combines were used by almost farmers. The latest f...

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...ns of people since it first began. Through hundreds of years it has evolved into what it is known for today. Farming is a difficult job that requires a wide variety of skills. It is not difficult to begin a career in the agricultural field, but it is difficult to be successful. Farming is a great job but it requires a lot of hard work. As Weaver previously stated, “I love my job more and more everyday!”

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