A Career in Elementary Education Essay

A Career in Elementary Education Essay

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So you want to be an elementary school teacher? It’s a challenging career, requiring patience and social skills, as you have to be able to wrangle a room filled with rambunctious children. Once you get through the tough stuff, the career is filled with immeasurable rewards. Being an elementary school teacher is not just going into a classroom and teaching kids how to add numbers, where something is on a map, or how to write. This career is far deeper than that, you will build a relationship with each and every student and ultimately build the foundation of the students’ future education. Elementary school teachers guide their students through a crucial period in their lives. This career is a good choice for people who want to make a difference because you will make a significant impact in multiple children’s lives and see them grow, not only in school, but also socially. To become an elementary school teacher, you first need to find a college that offers the degree: Elementary Education. Luckily, East Carolina has an amazing college of education. “East Carolina University’s Elementary Education program is nationally recognized for the innovation and effectiveness in preparing knowledgeable, informed, professional teachers” (“Elementary Education”).
Elementary teachers are more than baby sitters. They teach kids age’s six to twelve, multiple different subjects. Some of the subjects taught by one teacher include, but are not limited to: art, science, social studies, math, reading, music, and even gym. As an elementary school teacher you need to have the entire package. Elaine Briffin, 1995 National Teacher of the Year states,” Nothing could be more adventurous than helping students learn to teach themselves” (“The Teaching Career...

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... that. It helps to be good at both listening and speaking to not only your students but also to parents and other staff members. Patience, creativity, and organization, will also help you become that beloved teacher students remember fondly for the rest of their lives.

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