Essay on A Career in Archaeology

Essay on A Career in Archaeology

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Throughout the years, man has searched the earth looking for answers pertaining to the workings of past civilizations from the fragments left from inhabitants before. Jobs and work fields have been created to benefit the search for such answers. For instance, Archaeology; Archaeology is a vast field of studies that add up to two things: finding and explaining the unknown.
When archaeology is mentioned the mind possibly drifts towards the idea of the well known Indiana Jones, though that is not the case. While on the job archaeologist are not gallivanting off on miraculous adventures in the wild. The field work that is performed is more logical, time consuming, and the execution of the job is more careful. “Archaeologists spend most of their time in labs and offices, dusting off old bones and applying for grants to fund their field work- not searching for the Holy Grail”(Career Cruising)."One of the best aspects of archaeology is the balance between fieldwork (when you get to be outside all the time) and office/lab work"(Monteleone). Though how ones spend time in the lab varies on what is needed to be done." When I first get to work, I wake up my computer and see if the process that I ran yesterday is finished (it isn't always). I then often have to check on several other computers (because I often run programs on multiple machines). I then proceed to read and answer emails"(Monteleone).
Based on those statements, archaeology is not what is seen in the movies. " ...'practical archaeology' is a process of many stages, from data gathering and initial field survey to taking a decision to dig (or not to dig), analyzing finds, reporting the results, pinning down dates, conducting specialized research and reporting the ...

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...ound fitting. There is also the chance of not always being ecstatic about the job assigned; but there is always the chance of that. One element of the job is true though, the field has a possibility of growing and those interested in partaking in it must be determined.

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