A Career in Agricultural Education Essay example

A Career in Agricultural Education Essay example

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Agriculture is a huge part of everyone’s lives whether they realize it or not. Everyday people come in contact with agricultural products such as food, clothing, or shelter. Throughout the years there has been a dramatic change in agriculture. When agriculture first became a big part of people’s lives, farming grew rapidly; many people were farming in order to be self-sufficient, and so they could stay in one area instead of constantly moving around searching for food sources. As time went on, agriculture changed into what eventually became large commercial farms meant to provide food and other goods for an expanding country. Today, agricultural industries are based around large machines to minimize physical labor and produce the most amounts of goods possible.
Anyone who wants to work in an agricultural field must be willing and able to perform difficult physical tasks. Agricultural teachers must be ready to teach their students about these different tasks, how to perform them properly, and be willing to help their students perform these tasks in the classroom. Along with being dedicated to their students, an agriculture teacher must also have a passion for agriculture. A good agriculture teacher must be dedicated to their students and their work. The people that decided they want to be an agriculture teacher are usually inspired by one of their own teachers, or they discover their interest on their own by working in an agricultural field.
This paper includes research from different articles by several different agricultural educators. It also includes research from official agriculture websites such as National FFA Organization website and the National Association for Agricultural Educators website. The paper al...

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