Essay on A Career as an Entrepreneur

Essay on A Career as an Entrepreneur

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Business has been a large part of my family, and has started to grow on me. My dad worked in sales for many years, and is now the President of a company in Staples. My mom started her own cleaning business, and now works for herself, as well as my uncle owns a golf course, and a pump and well business. My other uncle has his own handy man business, while one of my aunts operates a redimix and construction company . So I guess it could be said, business is kind of in by blood.
What I know
When it comes to business, especially when it comes to starting one, I tend to think I know it all. Yet in reality, I don't really even know how to get started, enough to make a business efficient, or even get the doors open enough to make the first dollar. When I first think of working/operating a business, I think of no boss but myself, the rules are made by me and no one else, and that seems like a great plan in my eyes. As well as having all company profit coming directly to me, and I get to decide what happens with it. Although I know there is more to it than that, there is forming a budget, working with customers, knowing when to expand, and when to coast through. I also know that in the world of business, that if you aren't moving ahead, you are moving backwards.
What I want to know
I am interested in knowing more about starting and operating my own business. With what I have seen in the developing world around me, business has become more and more popular, I realized it is a great potential career path for me. So I would like to know, where to start, what schooling is needed, where do I make my business legal, how important is the work environment and gathering employees. Or is some of that afterthought stuff, that only matters if i...

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