A Career as an Athletic Director Essay

A Career as an Athletic Director Essay

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Being an athletic director seems like an amazing job because of the interaction with people and being around athletics. A lot of kids are involved in at least one sport, if not more, during their life time. Being an athletic director would give the opportunities for the kids to enjoy the sport or sports they are in by having an organized program and making it a good experience for them. An athletic director’s job is very important, they make sure every thing is in tact and organized. They make the schedules and let everyone know what is going on.
Working at a school would not have been a top choice but as an athletic director it seems fun and enjoyable. An athletic director oversees all school sports and makes sure that everyone follows the rules and does not disobey the coaches (Bean-Mellinger, Barbara). They also have to attend all games and matches that are scheduled (Hinginbotham, Heather). As well as attending all the games they have to hire the officials that are needed for the games (Higinbotham, Heather). Athletic directors also might have to fire coaches and other athletic department employees if needed (Bean-Mellinger, Barbara). They also have to set or approve job descriptions for each position (Bean-Mellinger, Barbara). Every athletic director job is different depending on the size of school; their daily routine might be different from others. In smaller schools the athletic director might have to teach classes as well as do their own job. But as for larger school they will only be an athletic director. In some jobs they are physical education teachers as well as an athletic director (Baccadutre).
The many jobs the athletic director has, another one is making budgets for the team sports. They are also in charge of ra...

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...ease in athletic directors goes up by 19%, this is only by 10% (Higinbotham, Heather). Many athletic directors lose their jobs due to lack of expectation and or budget cuts, this is usually only in colleges but it is very possible that it could happen in high school or elementary schools (Discovering Careers for your Future).

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