Essay about A Career as a Social Worker

Essay about A Career as a Social Worker

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Not many people can handle the stress of being a social worker, but in the end it is very rewarding. This job is not an everyday job for some people, it is a lot of hard work and it is helping people with situations that a person doesn’t see everyday. As a social worker it takes a lot to get through to people and for them to understand that what they are going through is not okay.
Social working is the fastest growing career according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (Social Work Profession). There are two types of social workers: Direct Social Workers work with people to help them cope with everyday situations and a Clinical Social Worker diagnoses people with medicine to help with there problems ( What Social Workers Do). Social Workers help with a variety of situations like adoption, terminal illness and kids at school (What Social Worker Do). Some Social Workers focus o certain groups of people like children and women (Social Worker). Clinical Social Workers are licensed; they treat and diagnose people, provide therapy, assess peoples backgrounds and history, and they encourage people to want better for themselves (What Social Workers Do). Clinical Social Workers typically work in private or group practice (What Social Workers Do). As a social worker you may have a job that involves supervising other or newer social workers (Social Workers). When getting new clients they interview them to see how much assistance they are going to need before getting into their sessions social workers. When working in a private practice, social workers normally keep records of there patients (What Social Workers Do).
This field requires very little school. People are most likely going to get a job if they are...

... middle of paper ... worker does not sound like a very easy job but helping people could be very satisfying. Helping people with there everyday lives and how to get out of danger does not seem like a job for me but it could be very interesting and there would never be a dull moment.

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