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A Career as a Psychiatrist Essays

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Psychology is the study of the human mind and its functions. I am interested in psychology because I think it is fascinating how people’s minds work and how they are affected by different things. It is also kind of interesting to try and understand how people think. I already knew that psychologist have their own area where they work and that it not a really hectic environment. I hope to learn if the job is stressful and requires a lot of work outside the scheduled work hours.
I set up an interview with Dr. Rob Geis. He is a psychiatrist but he knew how to answer all my questions about psychology. The only real difference between psychiatrist and psychologist is that psychiatrist has to go to medical school and can prescribe medicine while a psychologist cannot.
I interviewed Dr. Geis on March 19 over the phone. He was very informative with the answers he gave me to my questions. It did not feel awkward talking to him and I felt that I could ask more questions without feeling like a bother to him. He was very polite and gave me time to write and did not rush me at all.
According to Dr. Geis, he pursued this career because he was genuinely concerned for people and wanted to help them with their problems. A person should not take out their frustration on their patients or judge them because of their problems. Generally people pursue this career because they want to help people with mental problems. People who are interested in studying other people could take interest in this career also. People who are problem solvers or like to listen to what is going on in people’s lives.
In order to become a psychologist there are some requirements that are needed. A college education is requirement. The degree that is required depends on ...

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...people’s behavior is important to assess them correctly. Also shadowing someone who has been in the career for a while is a good idea. It gives you first hand before choosing to pursue the career to see if it is something worth continuing to pursue. I learned that there are many different fields of psychology and not all of them deal with people. I did not know that it in order to be a psychologist there were so many years of schooling involved. I still want to be a psychologist because it still seems interesting to find out what is wrong with people and helping them through it.

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