A Career as a Product Manager Essay

A Career as a Product Manager Essay

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Find a job about product management from a local company which can sponsor international students in 6 months. From now on, 3 months before graduation, starting to look for jobs, go to job fair and submit resume on the internet. Transfer to H1B visa in 1 year. And be a product manager in 3-4 years. I choose this year range because most of the recruit and employ requirement for a product manager is 3 to 4 years product management experience.

Product Management
I did not know what to do at first time. Then I searched on the Internet for those jobs for MBA grads, I found lots of jobs that suggested to me. Such as software development, information security analyst, financial manager, management analyst, operations research analyst, interpreter and translator and product manager. However, I do not like accounting, analysis and consulting things. I am an active person and do not want to the things with numbers every day. After I talked about professor- Dr.Perez, he gave me some advises, which one of the job could be considered as product management. And I have done some research on that job. It requires and job duties are all I think I am suitable for this kind of jobs, which is managing things and do the marketing things. That is interesting for me. Moreover, I am quite interested in product things and I want to do the work with product in daily life which is not boring. So I am now looking job for the works which is suited for the product management position.

What is product manager?
Product management is a strategic and business-oriented role, which is focused on satisfied and transfer solutions to market needs. The role may consist of product development and product marketing, which are different (yet complementary) efforts,...

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...erred. So I have an advantage on that part. Some company even just looking for high school education level and which is much more advantageous for me.
Competitive Advantage
My advantage is my language skill. I can fully use that skill to develop new marketing for the company. Nowadays, many companies aimed to develop new marketing for new customers and earn money. China has a great amount of citizen and a super strong buying power. I can speak fluent Mandarin and I have known the pattern of how Chinese communicate which is quite complex.
And I have the master degree which is better than bachelor degree students to find a job. The MBA program offers me management techniques and more viable. However the weakness is I am the international students, that means I have to find a company can sponsor H1B. And my oral English is not that good. But this can be practiced.

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