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A Career as a Plastic Surgeon Essays

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There are many different surgeons in the world, but being a Plastic Surgeon can be a life changing career. It offers you a vast knowledge of beauty and medical field. Plastic Surgeons are medical doctors that deal with defects on people’s body. Many people are proud that Plastic Surgeons exist, because it makes them look better and gives them a lot of confidence. Being a Plastic Surgeon can be a challenging profession because it can help change people’s lives, it can offer a wealthy future, and it also involves a lot of creativity and technology.
Generally, people love having a nice appearance around each other. Plastic surgeons have many ways and options to offer to the people to reach their intentions. For example, cosmetic surgery can offer tummy tucks for those who want to look slim and be part of the fashion world. “Tummy tuck surgery helps to significantly reduce the appearance of loose skin, stretch marks, and a protruding abdomen” (McClain.) Another option that plastic surgery offers to people who want to make changes on their face is face lifting. Face lifting is a procedure that is used to lift the peoples’ wrinkled face.”Barbara Eden, now seventy eight is virtually unrecognizable as the youthful beauty who charmed viewers on the popular sixty’s show, and her apparent face-lift was likely what caused the most drastic transformation” (Barbara Edens Transformation.) Thigh lifting is another procedure that is used wisely by the models. Many people tend to use this technique because it changes their formation of their body. After having the procedure done they feel as more comfortable in the society.
One of the best reasons for being a Plastic Surgeon is because it offers you a wealthy future. “Plastic Surgeons wo...

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