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A Career as a Nursing Essay

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Nursing is a profession that cares for sick and injured people. It takes up to 4 years to become a Registered Nurse. They must go through a lot of education and hands-on training. Nurses work in a variety of settings including, nursing homes, hospitals, urgent cares, and doctor’s offices. To be a nurse requires lots of strength emotionally, and physically. Nurses require a lot of skills to be proficient. A typical day for a nurse contains a lot of time standing, having a sympathetic ear, and making quick life-saving decisions.

Such specializations include surgical nursing, cardiovascular nursing (care of the heart and blood vessels), oncology nursing (cancer care), renal nursing (kidney care), orthopedic nursing (bone and muscle care), and neurological nursing (care of the nervous system). (Nursing, World Book.)

Becoming a nurse involves lots of classes and hands on preparation. Students take classes is anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, psychology, communication, leadership, and public speaking. Most nurses are required to have a bachelor’s degree to get hired. Nurses must pass a national licensing exam to become a nurse. What does a nurse do? Nurses provide care to people who are sick an injured. Their salaries are high compared to other professions. To be a nurse you should have empathy towards patients, be detailed oriented in assessing patients and charting, have good communication skills, employ a lot of physical endurance because nurses spend long periods of times on their feet, be emotionally stable because sometimes things nurses see can impact their feelings but they must stay strong, they must have patience cause it is easy to become frustrated with patients, the very most important thing is ...

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...themselves rto other family or friends they have not met yet. Then participate in rounds the doctor does on every patient to determine how they are doing and what they can do better. They will be constantly communicating with the doctors on treatment plans and if the patient’s condition changes. As the day goes on nurses will give their patients medicine and help admit a new patient to the floor and discharge a patient who is healthy enough to go home. In the emergency room nurses do not get a briefing on their patients because they come in at any time. Nurses will take them back to a room take vitals, and monitor the patient till the doctor comes in and perform necessary tests and treatments ordered. Others say low pay and demanding working conditions are forcing nurses out of the field, or keeping new nurses from entering it. (Nursing Shortage, CQ Researcher).

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