Essay on A Career as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Essay on A Career as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon

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What is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon? Why is it that Cardiothoracic Surgeons spend their valuable time trying to save you from dying? Many people understand that Cardiothoracic Surgeon earns lots of money because they save many lives. Cardiothoracic Surgeon are known as doctors who perform open heart surgery on open chests. Cardiothoracic Surgeon is a interesting career because they are willing to be concerned about people who suffer conditions of their heart.
Cardiothoracic has been relevant since the 17th century in the United States. The origins of this job took place in Egypt and was discovered by Egyptians. The first doctor to perform heart surgery was Norwegian Axel Cappelen. Norwegian Axel Cappelen performed the surgery on September 4, 1895, at Rikshospitalet. Cardiothoracic was evolved in the 19th century after World War ll, when four surgeons carried out a successful operation for mitral stenosis resulting from rheumatic fever. A major historical event that affect this job market is Obesity from eating too much saturated fat from foods especially fast foods. Michael ...

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